Everybody hates Michael Barrett.

Carlos Zambrano gave up 13 hits in five innings today. He did bring the awesome, however, by yelling at and then shoving catcher Michael Barrett.

This brings back fond memories of Barrett’s altercation with A.J. Pierzynski last year. You can see photos and a good summary here.

It’s also Zambrano’s birthday. To help ease the pain of a crappy performance, let’s do a little birthday song for him.

Are you ready to throw down?
Yes I am.
Who’s this on our birthday line?
It’s Carlos. It’s Carlos!
And Carlos what’s your zodiac sign?
It’s Gemini. It’s Gemini!
And is today your birthday?
Yes it is you know it is!
And how old are you on this day?
I’m 26! I’m 26!
Go Carlos! It’s your birthday! Go Carlos! It’s your birthday!
Carlos, where you from?
Where you from?
I got internet elbow!
Bad Boys gotta say bye bye, happy birthday from WGCI!!
That’s one down, no more to go, still on the show cuz it’s your birthday.

If you’ve been playing along, you know that I’m a White Sox fan, not a Cubs fan. I do, however, love Carlos Zambrano. I also can’t bear to write about the White Sox these days because, well, they’re terrible. You know things are bad when it’s more fun to watch a Rockies game than a White Sox game.