Rockies: at-bat music

Aside from an awesome win, there were two really good things about going to Sunday’s Rockies game: our seats were sheltered from the constant rain and our seats were near a big speaker, so we could really hear the music. I’ve been obsessed with at-bat or entrance music for a while now, and apparently I’m not alone — people find this site every day because they want to know about the at-bat music of various Rockies players. My list isn’t finished yet, but I might as well share what I have so far. I will do my best to update this list and keep it current.

Garrett Atkins: What I Are by Timbaland (I thought this was a remix of Justin Timberlake’s Bringing Sexy Back for the longest time)

Jamey Carroll: Pink Houses by John Mellencamp

Manny Corpas: Impacto by Daddy Yankee

Josh Fogg: Slow Ride by Foghat

Brian Fuentes: For You by Stain’d

Brad Hawpe: Rockstar by Nickelback

Todd Helton: Back in the Saddle by Aerosmith

Kazuo Matsui: Tricky by Run DMC

Ryan Spilborghs: The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani (everybody at Coors Field sings along with this — WOOOO OOOOH WOOOO OOOOH!)

Troy Tulowitzki: I’m a Flirt by R Kelly

I’m not sure about these:

Matt Holliday: The Great Divide by Scott Stapp, but I can’t remember if he’s still using it

Willy Taveras: used to have Yeah by Usher, but has a new song — reggaeton, Spanish, very fast; the closest thing I’ve found so far is El Mambo de las Shorty’s by Tito El Bambino (but don’t rely on that because I’ve only heard Willy’s new song a few times)

Yorvit Torrealba: He’s used various Daddy Yankee songs, but his current song is NOT Impacto as reported elsewhere on the internet. I’ve listened to snippets of a million Daddy Yankee songs, and haven’t been able to figure out if his current song is by Daddy Yankee. I’ve also started listening to snippets of other reggaeton, and if I listen to much more, Ben is going to throw my computer out the window.

Update: Torrealba’s song is Salio El Sol by Don Omar. Thanks to Karlosest2403!

I accidentally say “reggaetron” every time I mean to say “reggaeton” and now I’m convinced that Reggaetron, a gigantic robot set on world destruction by means of super-powered lasers and a blend of reggae, dancehall, merengue, hip hop, and bachata is going to appear at Coors Field one day soon.

Update: The 2008 version of the Rockies At-Bat Music post is here.

Update: The 2009 version of the Rockies At-Bat Music post is here.

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56 thoughts on “Rockies: at-bat music

  • Sportsattitude

    Perhaps the beloved Rockies mascot “Dinger” could have a new mascot pal in “Reggaetron” for the World Series. As far as any computers being tossed out windows, make sure the window in question is up. You wouldn’t want to hurt the window.

  • Crow

    I’ve been trying to figure all these out too, and am so delighted to be directed to a couple more answers!

    Last time I checked, Holliday’s song was “You Will Soar” also by Scott Stapp. “If I had just one thing to saaaay…” but that was a couple months ago.

  • Rockiesfan

    Helton uses “Back in the Saddle” by Aerosmith. Also, the song they play over and over when the Rockies win is “Kernkraft 400″ by Zombie Nation. You know, the “oooh oh oooh oh” song.

  • Karlosest2403

    Willy T’s is a merengue, I need to hear it again. Im from the Dominican Republic also so I should be able to come up with an answer for that one. Im going to make a super sweet Rockies mix. Does anyone know where I can find the remix of the Bruce Channel song that they play during the games.

  • grizzly

    nice list. We’re trying to get together the appropriate soundtrack for watching the game at home tomorrow. You wouldn’t happen to know the songs for any of these guys, would you?
    Jeff Francis
    Ubaldo Jimenez
    Aaron Cook
    Jeff Baker
    Seth Smith

  • HolyDogWater

    Yes, the mighty robot reggaetron would take over the world if he wasn’t baked all the time. Robot sticky-icky is the shit!

    Speaking of entrance music, not that anyone cares about them fighntin’ Bo Sox, but I just love it when Papelbon comes out of the bullpen and they start blasting that Dropkick Murphys song I’m Shipping Up To Boston. Not sure if the links will come through, but here’s a couple examples if so…

    Even if you hate the Red Sox, you’ve got to love good ole Pap Smear.

  • geff8137

    Hey Karlosest2403,

    The Bruce Channel song Hey Baby remix can be found on itunes in the album called “all-time greatest football songs”

  • Rox60

    Does anybody know the other techno song they play (not Kernkraft 400. The one they play in the 9th inning, in between pitches.

    Anyone else at least know which song I’m talking about even if you don’t know the title of it?

  • bdeal

    I know exactly which song you are talking about and I’ve been looking for it also. It has a latin beat so I looked under daddy Yankee but could not find it. I’m curious as well.

  • Rox2342

    I have been wondering what the song is they played in the 9th is, too. I love that song – reminds me of how crazy Coors Field got late in the games. Let me know if anyone finds out.

  • Jeffrey

    The music they play in the ninth inning after every out is Palladio by Silent Nick. Anyone know the intro music they used when they introduced the lineup in the World Series? It was also the same song when they were introduced on opening day.

  • Mario

    Hey, what is Garrett Atkins theme music this season? I went to the game April 4, 2008, don’t know the name of the song, but have it stuck in my head …

  • Brit Horvat

    What are this year’s batting songs?!?!?! Holliday is Linkin Park … but what’s the title? And Tulo is Superstar by Lupe Fiasco …. Nix is Flashing Lights by Kanye West … what else do we have going this year? hmmmm ….

  • KDawgROX4Life

    Can we establish the 2008 Rockies Song Line up?
    This is what I got so far, BUT PLEASE feel free to correct me! And please use this format so i know who is what and listens to who in the line up!!! Thanks

    01: Taveras –
    02: Tulowitzki – Superstar –Lupe Fiasco & I’m a Flirt – R. Kelly
    03: Helton – Back in the Saddle – Aerosmith
    04: Holliday –
    05: Atkins – What I Are – Timbaland
    06: Hawpe – Rockstar – Nickelback
    07: Barmes –
    08: Torrealba – Salio El Sol – Don Omar
    Iannetta –
    09: Pitchers:
    Corpas: Gasolina by daddy yankee
    10: Pinch Hitters and others:

    9th Inning Rally and WIN: Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400

  • KDawgROX4Life

    01: Taveras –
    02: Tulowitzki – Superstar –Lupe Fiasco & I’m a Flirt – R. Kelly
    03: Helton – Back in the Saddle – Aerosmith
    04: Holliday –
    05: Atkins – What I Are – Timbaland
    06: Hawpe – Rockstar – Nickelback
    07: Barmes –
    08: Torrealba – Salio El Sol – Don Omar
    ____Iannetta –
    09: Pitchers:
    ____Corpas: Gasolina by daddy yankee
    10: Pinch Hitters and others:
    ____Spilborghs: Thriller – Michael Jackson & The Sweet Escape – Gwen Stefani

    9th Inning Rally and WIN: Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400

  • Scott

    Went to the Cubs/Rockies today.

    A Few other songs
    Ryan Spilborghs…Thriller By Michael Jackson
    Chris Iannetta..I can’t dance by Genesis
    Todd Helton..These are my peoplke..Rodney Adkins
    Scott Podsednik, “Elevation”, U2

  • Dustin

    anyone know the song they play that is sung by a female, sort of pop/r&b-ish. i dont really know how to describe how it goes but just before the chorus a bunch of times she sings a bunch of stuff then is like ‘innnnn loveeeeee, innnnnn loveeeeeeeeee’ then goes to the chorus.

  • powrcat princess

    I was at the game last Wednesday and the song played for Matt Holliday (at least twice) was This Fragile Breath by Todd Agnew.

  • Trevor

    Does any one know that crazy techno song not kerncraft or pallido but the other one they use???? Kinda a pump up…

  • JJ

    I’m thinking the techno song that you’re looking for that’s not Zombie Nation, Palladio, Daddy Yankee, or Allegretto was the song they played after Aaron Cook got his base hit against the Giants 2night. I’m trying to find it as well and haven’t had any luck so if I find it i’ll pass it along. Go to the game by game highlights so you can hear which song I’m talking about.

  • Yoon Koo

    For the current season:
    – Yorvit Torrealba’s at-bat song is “The Anthem” by Pitbull and Lil Jon
    – Manny Corpas usea what sounds like a variation of Salio El Sol by Don Omar (Torrealba’s song last season), at the very least it has the same backbeat and rhythm.

  • lizRocks

    anyone know willy’s song? its been stuck in my head for days but i have no idea what its called! please help! thanks

  • JJ

    Dustin to answer your question the “in love” song is called Stay in Love by Mona Lisa only the song they play at the Rockies games is a much better/faster version which I can’t find. Does anyone know where to find it? If anyone knows that would be awesome

  • Caitlin

    Hey, i know this last week a lot of Rockies have changed their walk up song… Does anybody know the new ones. I know that Jeff Baker has Handle Bars by The Flobots but I don’t know the other ones…

  • John

    Does anyone know the name of the song that is played right before they do the lineup announcements? Typically it’s played about 10-15 minutes before the 1st pitch.

  • Thanh Estill

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