Low-Impact Week

Song: Givin’ in to Love by Buckner Funken Jazz (It’s local!)

Although I hate the word “impact” (It’s one of the most over-used words in the English language; I believe it should be reserved for discussion of car accidents or blows to the head.), I’m going to try to participate in Low-Impact Week.

Here’s the plan:

Day 1 (Aug. 16): Eat no meat.

Day 2 (Aug. 17): Eat one locally grown meal per day.

Day 3 (Aug. 18): Use no paper (toilet paper excepted).

Day 4 (Aug. 19): Produce no non-recyclable trash.

Day 5 (Aug. 20): Do not drive/ride in a fossil-fuel burning automobile with fewer than three people in it.

These are cumulative — meaning, “no meat” starts on day 1 and continues through day 5.

Not eating meat will be easy because I never eat meat. The other things will be difficult, but I’m going to try.

For example, I’m not sure where to even get locally grown food other than a farmers market (maybe a pricey restaurant that probably serves a lot of meat), and we didn’t go to the farmers market yesterday (we sometimes go to the City Park Esplanade Fresh Market). There’s one in Aurora tomorrow, but I’m guessing that driving all the way to Aurora to buy locally grown food would negate the benefit of eating locally grown food. There’s theĀ  Cherry Creek Farmers Market on Wednesday, but I’ll be at work. Do places like Sunflower carry a good selection of local foods? Maybe Soren and I will check it out.

[ETA: Duh! If I don’t get locally grown food in time for a meal tomorrow, we can have beer for dinner!]

The good thing is that even if I fail at, say, eating a locally grown meal tomorrow, at least this has me thinking about where we get our food.

I know Low-Impact Week doesn’t demand perfection, but I’m bummed that I’m definitely going to fail the thee-people-per-car thing. That comes up on Friday, when I’ll have to drive Soren to school and then go to work. I don’t know anybody who’d need to hitch a ride with us from our house to school or from school to work. Also, there apparently is no safe way to take an infant under one year old on a bike (we wanted to get a bike trailer this summer, but everything I read on the internet says the kid should be at least a year old to ride in a trailer and this makes sense to me — I tend to be pretty conservative in terms of child safety).

The good news is that we’re not big drivers, anyway. This is incredibly dorky, but I just calculated how far I drive on the days I drive the most — when I go to daycare, work, and the gym. On these days, I drive approximately seven miles. That’s not too bad!

I’ll let you know how it goes!