Old School Chicago playlist

On Saturday night, I had some beer and wanted to listen to the kind of shit I was digging in 2002, when we still lived in Chicago. I still listen to some of it (Involved by Raphael Saadiq, Cher Chez La Ghost by Ghostface Killa, Contagious by the Isley Brothers, and in all seriousness Lights Camera Action by Mr. Cheeks are some of my favorite songs of all time) and there are a few songs I haven’t even thought about in years (Tweet, oh my).

Here’s the playlist I made:

Old School Chicago (pdf songlist)

Listen here on Grooveshark

One song isn’t available on Grooveshark (or anywhere else on the internet, as far as I know, except for a newer version that isn’t as good). You can get it here: Give it 2 Me.

There was an awesome remix of Lick Shots they used to play on WGCI and/or Power 92 back in 2002 or so — it was housey and fast. If you know what I’m talking about and where I can find it, let me know.