Oatmeal Balls

Song: Like a G6 by Far East Movement (Ben has an uncanny talent for finding songs that will later be featured on Gossip Girl, which is really losing its steam this year if you ask me, although I do love Chuck Bass.)

Just when you thought life couldn’t possibly get more exciting, here is a post about oatmeal. I even took a picture of oatmeal for you. See?


Mmmmm oatmeal.

Wait! Don’t die of boredom yet. I’m showing you the oatmeal to let you in on a secret. This is a packet of instant organic oatmeal. You’re supposed to add 2/3 cup water, but instead I added a little less than 1/2 cup water. Why? Glad you asked! When you make oatmeal with less water, it’s thick enough to form into little oatmeal balls. (Ben discovered this the other day. Is he brill or what?) Why do you want little oatmeal balls? Because this is the best way for babies to eat oatmeal without making a big, giant mess.

The process goes something like this:

Prepare oatmeal as directed, using a little less water. Wait until it cools off a bit, and then form it into little oatmeal balls. Baby might seem unimpressed at first.

However, if you have a baby who likes oatmeal, he’ll give it a try, especially after being underwhelmed by his garbanzo bean and leftover potato appetizer.

There’s a good chance he’ll like it.

This is way better than the baby oatmeal skin and hair treatment that results from oatmeal of normal consistency, and as I’ve mentioned before, we’ve never been big fans of spoon feeding (unless it’s plain Fage, which is one of his favorite things in the world, or the occasional apple sauce).

This is by far the best way to feed oatmeal to a baby.

Enjoy! And watch out for the scavenger dogs!