Soren’s (minimalist) first birthday party

I still haven’t written about Soren’s first birthday party, which is pretty much what you’d expect because he’s one now and I still haven’t written our birth story. (I started it, but realized I could just tell you what happened, which is boring unless you’re pregnant and in the “I’m really into reading people’s birth stories” phase, which if I recall correctly occurs sometime in the second trimester, or I could try to actually write it so I’m telling you what happened but also so it’s well-written and interesting, and I pretty much got most of the boring, just-the-facts version and then hit “Save Draft” and haven’t looked at it again except for that one time I added a football video to the post.)

The good news is nobody died of boredom. The bad news is the minimalist gift bags didn’t work very well. I didn’t want to do gift bags but also didn’t want to offend anybody, so I used plain brown paper lunch bags, stamped each one with an “S” and filled  (“filled” is an exaggeration because it turned out I didn’t make very many cookies) with two types of homemade cookies (snickerdoodles and butter cookies). They looked okay until the grease from the cookies started seeping through the bags, which I kind of thought would happen but it looked a little more disturbing than I thought it would. Oh well. Very few trees were killed in the making of my son’s first birthday party.

The other bad news is the pictures aren’t that great, because I hate flash and we had the party kind of late in the day, so by the time we were taking pictures, it was dark. This is no big deal, but we might have the party earlier next year so the pictures will be better.

If you want to see the pictures, they’re here.