Drunk Girls

Do you ever hear a song that you’d maybe listen to in the hot shower or while home alone wearing tube socks and eating ice cream straight from the carton while singing at the top of your lungs that just kind of restores your faith in the fact that your life is kind of perfect even in its imperfection or if it’s not remotely perfect in the possibility that awesome things will happen soon and it just kind of makes you think, fuck yeah, life is fucking awesome?

This is that song: Drunk Girls. I dare you to listen to this all the way through a couple times (loud!) and not spend the next hour singing, “Oh oh oh I believe in waking up together” and then thinking about the first time you make eyes across the room and wake up together and how mindblowingly fantastic that is and then how mindblowingly fantastic it is when you figure out how to feel like that even when it isn’t the first time you wake up together.

But no promises.