Walking Beer Tour of Denver

As I mentioned earlier, we’re not going to the Big Beers, Belgians & Barleywines Festival in Vail this weekend. I’ll be honest. As the day approaches (we usually just go to the tasting on Saturday), I’m getting more and more bummed about missing it.

My general philosophy when there’s something coming up that I’m bummed out about missing is to plan something equally awesome that will take place at the same time. That helps make it so I don’t, say, sit around on Saturday thinking about how right now we should be drinking some Green Flash Imperial IPA in a delightful hotel in Vail instead of sitting at home on our couch that’s covered in cat fur oh hey we need to vacuum for the 6th time this week and then somebody vacuums and then we’re sitting around our relatively clean (for five minutes) house not drinking Green Flash Imperial IPA with a bunch of awesome people who also like really good beer. For example, if I was supposed to spend this weekend hanging out with @mayoremanuel and @nothawk, two completely fictitious Twitter accounts, snorting cocaine off the well-toned bellies of strippers in a Costa Rican brothel, but they blew me off, you’re damn right I’d find something really awesome to do instead. It’s like that one time your boyfriend was going to spend the night at a bachelor party and instead of sitting at home alone pining away wondering if what they say about bachelor party strippers and lollipops is true you went away to a luxurious bed & breakfast and got totally shitfaced.

(What I’m not telling you here is that there is some drama in my life right now, not involving my relationship, child, family, livelihood, or anything you might consider feeling bad about, but annoying the hell out of me nonetheless, which I’m not going to discuss so you’ll just have to settle for me saying things like “snorting cocaine off the well-toned bellies of strippers in a Costa Rican brothel,” when the fact is I don’t even know whether there are brothels in Costa Rica.)

Long story short (too late!) I figured the best way to handle not being at the beer fest was to plan something awesome to do on Saturday so we won’t even miss the beer fest. Because I’m in a beer state of mind, we could do something that involves beer. Something that involves beer, isn’t too expensive, doesn’t require travel, and — wait, I know! We can go on a walking beer tour of Denver! Why didn’t I think of this before? It’s awesome.

We can strap Soren into the Ergo, which is how we carried him at the beer fest last year, and head out from our house to any of the 9,000 breweries in Denver. Okay, maybe there aren’t quite that many, but there are several. Walking with a baby in the winter isn’t ideal, but it’s the best way to travel when you’re going to be drinking and you don’t want to carry a giant carseat around (I’ve never seen a cab with a carseat. Do they exist?). We can have one really awesome beer at each brewery, and then go to another one. After a few stops (we’re not marathon drinking champions like we used to be), we can head home. We’ll get a nice walk and enjoy some great beer in our own city. There ain’t nothing wrong with that, and it sure beats vacuuming again.

Our stops might include:

Wish us luck!