Good Pizza in Denver

Song: Hold the Line by Toto (Sorry, this was played during the Jets/Colts game tonight and I can’t get it out of my head and holy crap I listened to this shit as a kid — rock on, 70s.)

Here are my favorite pizza places in Denver:

  • Nicolo’s Chicago Style Pizza (Consistently awesome.)
  • The Walnut Room (Delicious and conveniently located for us. They used to have awesome pesto breadsticks but now have pesto bread, which isn’t nearly as good. There’s also a decent bar and they have live music.)
  • Pasquini’s Pizzeria (Not always consistent but usually good with nice garlicky flavor; great breadsticks.)
  • Carl’s (Yelp link because they’re so bad ass they don’t need a website. Old school deliciousness. The garlic bread is very good and includes paprika, which holy crap why was I not putting paprika on garlic bread before?)
  • Belemonti’s Pizzeria (We call this Lithuanian pizza because the owner is Lithuanian and from Chicago. The pizza is heavily spiced, possibly with a secret Lithuanian ingredient.)

Outside the city:

  • Rosati’s (Cracker-thin crust but way out in Westminster.)
  • Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza (Fun, lots of options. Location in Denver but not near us; we’ve only been to the Idaho Springs location.)
  • Oskar Blues (Come for the beer. Get drunk. Stay for the pizza. It’s fun to go crazy with this one and get toppings like spinach, onions, roasted garlic, and feta.)

There are a few more places that are on the radar but I’m not ready to include them yet. I’d also like to take a moment to pour a little out for our homies who are gone. First, Beniamino’s, which was without question the best pizza that ever existed in Colorado before it mysteriously closed one day. Aurelio’s used to have a location way on the south side but closed a while ago.

I’m still waiting for a Giordano’s in Colorado. It’s a travesty that there isn’t one.

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything!