A Simple Valentine

Song: Brand New Key by Melanie

Today while I was at work, I thought something like, “I hope Soren comes home with some sort of hand-print Valentine he made at school today.” Sure enough, he did. At 15 months, a handprint is the most reliable thing Soren has to offer in terms of arts and crafts, and it is always much appreciated.

Exactly what I wanted for Valentine's Day!

In grade school back in the day, you used to use construction paper to make and decorate a simple, envelope-style mailbox and then tape it to your desk. You gave Valentines to everybody in class and received a Valentine from everybody in class. There wasn’t any drama with this. It was a little opportunity to tell each of your classmates, “Hey, I like you.” Giving a Valentine to everybody didn’t dilute this message, because the Law of Valentine’s Day is as follows: Like something about everybody and everybody will like something about you. That’s just how Valentine’s Day rolls.

As a general rule, I believe we should act the way we’re “supposed to” act on Valentine’s Day every day, but I still like the simple, little, mushy, I’m-going-to-cut-out-a-heart-and-give-it-to-you-because-I-think-you’re-neat aspect of Valentine’s Day. The day doesn’t have to be flowers and candies and whatever the hell people want to sell you, and it doesn’t have to be bitching about all those things, either (full disclosure: don’t worry — I’ve already been that tiresome). Like any holiday, it can be whatever you want it to be.

For me, it’s a chance to say: Hey, I like you.