Frank Lloyd Wright Houses & Other Architecture

Music: Ben is working on a remix of Wheel in the Sky. I’ll post it when he’s done.

Oak Park

I wish I’d saved bigger versions of my old photos.

This is the Nathan G. Moore house, which is probably my favorite Frank Lloyd Wright house. (I’m also partial to the Arthur B. Heurtley house.) It’s in Oak Park, Illinois, just a few blocks from my old condo (which was designed by E. E. Roberts). You can find out more about FLW houses in Oak Park and take a little photo “walking” tour here. (If you’re in Oak Park, you can go on this tour in May, which looks fantastic and, amazingly, isn’t prohibitively expensive. After the tour, you can go to Poor Phil’s and have a beer and sweet potato fries with a side of ranch for me because holy crap, I miss that place.)

I used to clerk for a judge who had lived in a Frank Lloyd Wright house. He said sometimes he’d find random tourists standing in his living room, looking around. I suppose that’s a small price to pay for living in something so amazing.

It’s easy to take architecture for granted when you’re in Oak Park or Chicago. I think it’s probably time for me to learn more about the architecture of Denver. I know pretty  much nothing about it. Oh wait, I can tell you that the Sculptured House is my absolute favorite, although I’ve never seen it up close in person (just from 70). (There’s a pretty good photo gallery of it here.) Oh man, that house is so awesome.

Speaking of architecture, The Architecture of Happiness is a good book for someone like me, who appreciates it but doesn’t know much. In an effort to improve my knowledge it the area, I’ll work on finding out more about Denver architecture and report back here within the next month or so.