Old Farts at the Show

Last night, Ben and I went to see Toro y Moi at Larimer Lounge. We got a sitter and everything, all official style. We went to the new Blake Street Tavern for a couple pre-show beers and sat at the bar by a dude wearing a Red Bull shirt and drinking Red Bull and vodka who didn’t understand why his friend (I couldn’t figure out if they were friend friends or some type of business associates; they each had 2 phones, which doesn’t answer the question but was kind of noteworthy) thought it was fun to shoot guns. (Try as I might, I couldn’t find out what kind of beer they have at Larimer Lounge and I don’t trust people on the internet who say there’s a “good beer selection” but don’t give specifics; it turns out, they have O’Dell IPA so it was all good.)

We rolled up to the show around 10:30 and were met with “sold out” signs. We figured this might happen and had purchased tickets ahead of time; we were, like, on the list and shit. My plan was to have fun and be all awesome-blogger-like and take pictures and write a post about the show.

Here’s what actually happened.

Fail.The problem is that I’m not good at standing still enough to take good photos in dim lighting — I’m many things, but I’m no tripod. So my pictures looked like that.

There’s also the fact that I’m easily annoyed by annoying people after I’ve been drinking. There was this remarkably tall couple standing right in front of me through the whole show, annoying me. The woman had mushroom hair and the dude looked like an old Ray Davies from the Kinks but with unsettling Pat Benatar 80s quasi-mullet hair (I was referring to him as “Romantics guy,” which was just wrong). Even mild-mannered Ben was annoyed by the guy who kept hitting Ben with his man purse. Why you gotta be bringing your man purse to the show, dude?

The show was actually very good (tight!) but for two things. He played the two best songs (New Beat and Still Sound) pretty early. That’s always kind of a bummer because you really want to build up to the best songs. Worse than this was the fact that he played for only about an hour. Is that how kids these days are doing things?

Speaking of kids these days, Ben and I totally stood around and talked about how, and I shit you not, “Kids these days don’t know how to conduct themselves at shows.” Seriously. We have become the old farts get-off-my-lawning at the show. We are those people. Even the fact that no hipster in Denver (and quite possibly the entire world) has bigger eyeglasses than I do won’t save me from falling into grumpy old irrelevance. It’s kind of scary.

We had planned on being at the show until 2 a.m., but things were winding down just after midnight. Amped up for a late night, we continued the rollicking retirement-community-worthy party at another location — Uptown Brothers Brewing Company. They’re not actually brewing yet, but they have an awesome beer selection, including Oak Aged Gordon (this will kind of kick your ass) and an Oskar Blues exclusive, limited-edition imperial IPA called One Hit Wonder (go there now and have this before they run out — it’s awesome). I liked this place a lot and hope they get more business (it was pretty dead last night).

It’s weird going to bed at 3 a.m. any more, let me tell you. We all woke up around 6, Ben and I with raging hangovers. Fortunately, after a new diaper and a little milk for Soren and Ibuprofen and water for Ben and me, we went back to sleep until almost 10 (I went to check on Soren at like 9:45 — he hasn’t slept that late in a long time and I thought maybe he left or something).

Ben and I took today off and had thought about taking Soren to school, but we ended up keeping him. A night out without him made us both want to hang out with him today. I think we’re at the point in our lives where if we were a tv show, you’d say we jumped the shark. I actually really like it, though, this being lame as hell business. It’s kind of fun, in an old-folks kind of way.

Toro y MoiBen at Toro y Moi show
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