Soren the Artist

ArtNext week, we have a parent/teacher conference at Soren’s daycare. I love parent/teacher conferences, because they give you the chance to sit around and talk about how awesome your kid is with someone who isn’t related to him.

This parent/teacher conference promises to be even more awesome than usual, because this is considered the end of the school year and we’ll be getting Soren’s portfolio of artwork from the past year. Portfolio of artwork! That is the most fantastic thing, ever. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, and I’m not even kidding. I’m that excited about getting Soren’s art portfolio.

As you can see from the above picture, Soren is a vigorous artist. I really like the energy he brings to his projects. I can feel the emotions he was trying to convey here, the red uncertainty giving way to the upward hope of purple and blue, culminating in a waving flower ghost firework, rising above the hole in the paper that really helps this piece move from mere drawing to multimedia presentation that makes the background, in this instance concrete, part of the entire artistic representation.

I mean, look. I know it’s marker scribbles on a piece of construction paper with a little hole, but sometimes I like assigning meaning to things that don’t necessarily have meaning. This is a fun thing to do with babies.

I’ve been meaning to start a gallery wall in our living room for a while now (I figure it’s a good way to try to hide the janky walls). Knowing we’re about to acquire some of Soren’s artwork has kicked my gallery wall plans into high gear, because I’d like to display some of it in a manner more sophisticated than slapping things on the refrigerator (which I am wont to do even though it doesn’t always turn out well, especially when you have to put everything kind of up high on the refrigerator so Soren doesn’t take it down and eat the magnets — I’m absolutely terrified of him eating the magnets). I’ve been looking for inspiration over at Pinterest, which is much more addictive than I thought it would be (you can see my gallery wall pins here). My hope is that getting ideas from people who have done gallery walls the right way will enable me to come up with something more pretty and less hoarder/catlady.