The Rapture

I figured that if the world was going to end today, the best thing to do was spend the day going to the dog party and Five Points Jazz Fest. So that’s what we did. We missed most of the jazz fest due to someone’s lunch-eating and nap-taking festivities, but we caught the end of Jeff “Maestro” Hughes, hip hop violinist and not unattractive young man, which was what I really wanted to see (he was awesome). We totally used the stroller cup holders to hold beer and I wore heels to walk from here to Welton Street, which was kind of dumb because the sidewalks are atrocious (the walk home was like a stupid video game where you have to determine which side of the street has better sidewalks) but it ended up being no big deal. When I can do things like drink an awesome beer while walking for a few minutes in gorgeous weather with Ben and my kid to see a hip hop violinist, I really love Denver.