Awesome Chocolate Cake

chocolate cakeIn addition to checking in at Murder Park and dodging bullets this weekend (a guy on a bike was shot a few blocks from our house yesterday evening), I made a reasonably awesome chocolate cake.

You’d think that someone who owns a cake stand bakes cakes on a fairly regular basis. Not me. Although I apparently needed a cake stand enough to buy one at some point, I make cake pretty much, um, never. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you when I last made a cake. It’s been years.

Anyway, I followed this recipe, because it looked good and didn’t annoy me (I hate overly fussy recipes). I mistakenly baked the cake at 350 instead of 300 (obviously for less time); other than that, I followed the directions as written but for high-altitude alterations. (At 5280 feet, I always decrease the sugar, baking soda, and baking powder by approximately 25%. If those adjustments don’t work for you, you can also increase flour (starting with 10% more than called for) and possibly increase baking temperature.) When I make this cake again, the only other adjustment I’ll make is adding another egg, as recommended by several commenters, because the cake was a bit crumbly. The frosting is insane madness, and I’m not a big frosting person. (I did have to refrigerate it for a while to get it to the right consistency.)

This is definitely the kind of chocolate cake you want in your dessert arsenal!