Whatever happened to tasteful literature in this country?

I’m sure that by now, you’ve all heard of Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach (and of course the audio version by Samuel L. Jackson). I ordered the book and am waiting for it to arrive tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve been reading the Amazon reviews (and comments on the reviews and the related discussion forum), which are awesome. Here are some highlights.

  • Whatever happened to tasteful literature in this country?
  • I found the premise of the book really sad. The kid has probably been in daycare all day and now wants to prolong the short time he/she gets to spend with parents. I get that parents are tired and want some time for themselves. But parenthood was their choice, not the kid’s. Grow up and stop whining.
  • Your assement of this situation is what is really sad. Do you really think the parents are whining to their children? NO? Well either do I! So they can not vent about their frustrations to other adults with a little help from this creative book. Shame on YOU.
  • Get a life, you are an agree person, go have some fun. Life is short.
  • When I spend 12-16 bucks on a book I like to get something that takes more more than one minute and 33 seconds to read. I’m not exaggerating – I timed it. And that was being deliberate and purposefully taking my time. It probably takes closer to 57 seconds to read in real time.
  • Although the illustrations are quite cute and the POEM is also very funny, I would NEVER call this a BOOK?? I have no idea why it is under the books?? I think the author could have spent more time than two days writing it and came up with a few more pages of funnies for us to enjoy! I bought it on kindle for under $5, but think it was the worst purchase I have ever made. I was caught up by the funny title and figured it would be worth a read, but certainly isn’t worth a second read!! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!
  • What is your definition of a BOOK? Amazon clearly lists it as 32 pages. I don’t have it, but I am sure each short poem takes up both sides of opposing pages, just like a children’s BOOK!. It’s not worth a second read?????? Well you must be a genius. Of course, it isn’t. When you hear a really funny joke and tell all your friends, do you go back and tell the same joke to them the next time you see them? Of course not. They already got the joke. It’s over. This book is a joke. A very funny joke, but who would read it again? I have to go. I have to get back to reading my “The Cat in The Hat” PAMPHLET.
  • How sad that this is found to be entertaining to people. People wonder why there are foul-mouthed kids running around? Moral decay is right…I would never buy this or have it in my home. We actually find better ways to express ourselves other than using the F* word…it is actually ignorant to use that all the time. Again – not funny, but sad.
  • People have cursed since the founding of our nation. Do you think our founding fathers were clean mouthed perfect gentlemen ? No. They were like common folk.
  • I can’t believe I just paid 4.99 for a 14 page book.
  • Total waste of money and time, However it was so short, not much time was needed. Soooo not funny
    M. Johnson
  • Sad that the F word is so common. Yes kids will do any thing no to sleep. A free or $.99 would make a better price. Enjoyed the art more than the writting. After two pages of writting the book was boring. Wher do I get a refund?
  • Are you kidding? What the he11 were you expecting? To Kill A Mockingbird?!?!
  • Wher do I find out what writting is?
  • This book is disgusting and I have decided that once it is released on Amazon, they will no longer be my store of choice. No matter if I have to pay extra at other places, I will not support a store that sells books like this…Childrens books with swear words! I have bought hundreds of things but I will not buy anymore from this website if this book is released! Re-evaluate your purchases and go for the moral stand everyone! I can’t believe that someone was dumb enough to write such a book. If it DOES get into the hands of children I can’t imagine the words they will learn! STOP THE PUBLISHING!
  • Can you imagine what would have happened if some loser had tried to release a book with this title, fifty years ago? Only incompetent (and intensely dislikeable) ‘parents’ would buy this book, and give it positive reviews to boot… So bear that in mind when reading every single positive review here – these idiots are only talking about THEIR children when they laughably claim that “every parent” has experienced this problem (which is actually of their own making). Typical of the idiots who should never have been parents, to think this book is funny, or acceptable. You are losers who shouldn’t have children, as simple as that. I sure as hell don’t want to be living in a world of your hideous progeny.
  • The book kind of makes no sense unless you assume that parents stay bedside until their kids go to sleep. This was not parenting practice when I was a kid. You were put in bed (or went there yourself if you were of ambulatory age), and the lights went out. Not asleep? That’s your problem. Do young parents these days sit by the bed and watch the kid until he sleeps? When did this custom start? This might actually be the problem. I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable sleeping with someone staring at me.
  • I’m guessing that the parents who like the book have really crappy kids who won’t go to sleep and the parents are clueless on being a parent. As a parent, I just can’t relate to the book.
  • Well, as a parent, I just can’t relate to someone who can’t relate to this book.
  • This is the worst goodnight book I’ve ever read. It made my four year old cry every single night I read it to him. And then just the other night when it was time to put his baby brother down, he said, “Why won’t he go the f*** to sleep?” What sort of lesson is that? I don’t normally give one star reviews. I would have given this a two star review if the authors had used a better word like “fudge” or “flock”, as in “Go the Flock to Sleep”, but now, thanks to this horrible book, my four year old is using the f-word every day and my baby son just said “flluch”, so his first word was the f-word. Am I supposed to tell him this when he gets older? “Son, your first word was the f-word”? What’s he going to grow up to be now? A tattoo parlor artist? A Democrat? This book is a disgrace.
  • This book is supposed to be for parents. I think if people are reading this to their kids then they are morons.
  • I have concerns for this parent.
  • I can’t believe you actually read this book to your child. This was obviously meant to be a humorous book for parents! And, for you to actually say “What’s he going to grow up to be now” A tattoo parlor artist? A Democrat? You shouldn’t even be a parent with those stereotypical, narrow minded views.
  • You need CPS to check into your home situation. You read this book to a child? And MORE THAN ONCE!!!? You need to go to jail.
  • Obviously the person who wrote this review is grinding some sort of socio-political axe. He might just as well worry that his one year old son (whose first word was the f-word) will grow up to be someone like Senator David Vitter (R-LA) who enjoyed wearing a diaper while frolicking with prostitutes.
  • This book is for PARENTS, this is NOT a good night book for children!! What kind of a parent would read this to a child? Please, grow up.
  • Taking the content into consideration, and coupled with the fact that your child is crying after reading this book, why would you Think it would be a good idea to read it more than once? Poor judgement on your part. I guess it’s just easier to place blame elsewhere. Oh your poor child…..14 more years of parenting stupidity.
  • What a terrible premise for a book. I read the preview pages, and I certainly wasn’t impressed. I won’t buy this book. And those who laugh at the pages of the book, what would you say if you heard someone say the exact same thing to a little child while you were visiting their house? Would you call Protective Services? Maybe you should.
  • Especially weirded out that this will be a movie.
  • If I’m going to be punished with this whole fatherhood thing then I’m going to read my kid the books I want to read.
  • If you didn’t want a kid, you should’ve gotten a vasectomy.
  • Since when is it OK to promote a book that makes abundant use of the F*** word, even in the title.
  • WHO IS THIS BOOK FOR? WILL AMERICANS BUY ANYTHING AT ALL GIVEN ENOUGH PR? I ask who this book is for? For adults, of course, right? That’s why it looks just like a children’s book. That’s why it’s made to be irresistible to any kid, right? The many glowing reviews claim the book was therapeutic and hilarious—for adults? These are adults? being entertained by a typical kiddy book with the addition of a naughty word? Really? One parent regrets she can’t read it to her three-year-old. Never fear, I’m willing to bet this piece of trash ends up in your child’s hands and millions of other children’s hands. Ah but who cares? It’s all good.
  • I cannot believe this trash is being published in the guise of a children’s book. I blame the publisher as much as the author. What a terrible idea! Too bad this thing is being published instead of good writing. A true author would never even want to publish this garbage, which makes me believe we are all in the hands of small-minded marketers who only want to make the almighty buck off of an illiterate society.
    If this is “pure genius”, then Sarah Palin should be president of the planet! We would all do well to boycott such endeavors.
  • You could get “Bucky Katt’s Big Book of Fun: A Get Fuzzy Treasury” and laugh your silly butt off for 243 solid pages usually with 3 cartoons, or “comedy units” each. That is 729 top shelf chuckles. It’s $11.55 at Amazon today. That’s 1.5 cents per chuckle, with at LEAST 100 belly laughs in the mix. This Book has 30 pages, with one moderate comedy unit per page. At $8 that works out to 26 cents per chuckle.
  • When attempting to review a book such as ‘Go The F.. To Sleep,’ the reviewer must keep in mind a single, elemental truth: that although the book is presented to us in the guise of a work meant primarily for children, this is merely a playful facade–a mind-trinket if you will, to throw us off-guard, to play raquetball with our medulla oblongatas. It is with this thought in mind that I offer the subsequent musings. From the start, turning from page to page, the reader is at once both mesmorized and beguiled by the wondrous grasp of language–both literal and figurative–which populates this tome. It is a spectacle to behold: how such apparently sparse lines can electrify the reader as if we were there alongside the writer as he desperately tries to get his loved one to depart the conscious realm and enter the nightly unconscious world of dream and splendor. We hear the author’s words, the scent of the home rising through our curious nostrils, the sweep of the air throughout the bedroom and beyond.
  • I would read this to a child.
  • I am SO glad you were not my mother. I still respect my mother for never ever having used foul language. I do not respect you. And I am sure you don’t care. Guess what? I don’t care that you don’t care.