Breakfast with Baby: Overnight Oatmeal

On the days I’m home with Soren, I’m always up for a healthy, easy breakfast. You can’t get much easier than overnight oatmeal. Soren loves oatmeal in all forms, and overnight oatmeal is a great option when you’re ready for something a little more sophisticated than oatmeal balls.

You can get as fancy as you want with overnight oatmeal, but I keep it very simple. Here’s what I do:

  • Before going to bed, mix equal parts old fashioned oats (not quick cooking) and milk (I don’t even like milk and don’t usually use it on my cereal, but here it’s actually good) in a container that has a lid. Last night, I did 2 cups oats and 2 cups milk, and this was a little more than we needed (dude eats a ton at breakfast). Stir in some vanilla extract. Cover and refrigerate until morning.
  • When you’re ready for breakfast, take the oatmeal out of the fridge, stir, and serve. That’s it! (You can microwave the oatmeal for a few seconds if you want it warmer, but on a hot summer day, cold oatmeal right from the fridge is surprisingly refreshing.)
  • If you want to add extras, go for it! Today, I added quartered, fresh strawberries and a little agave nectar to sweeten (100% pure maple syrup is another good option). As Lil’ Wayne would say, the sky’s the limit on what you can add to oatmeal — fruit, granola, peanut butter (some experts recommend waiting until age 2 or 3 to give a kid peanut products, but our pediatrician said that, especially because Ben and I don’t have major allergies, all food including peanuts was okay when Soren turned one), etc.

I put some in a bowl for Soren. He usually starts out using a spoon but then transitions to hand shoveling. This is a pretty messy thing for a toddler to eat, but he loves it (and that’s something these days, because in true toddler fashion, he’s starting to get a little picky about what he’ll eat — for example, green vegetables that aren’t avocado are out, which is tragic because Soren and peas used to be BFFs).