Photo Friday (sort of)

This made me LOLThis is not even funny but it made me do one of those things where I’m walking by myself and I start laughing. How often does that happen to you? It usually hits me when I’m at or around the gym. Tonight, I was leaving the gym after running a speedy (for me) 5.7 miles (57:01, which I know is slow for actual running-type people, who I suppose are referred to as “runners,” but hey, I’m a terrible runner and that right there is groundbreaking speed at that distance).

I misread Ben’s message as saying “Did u get us dessert ;)” and I was all, what, why would I get dessert? I was at work and now I’m just finishing my run at the gym. Where’s dessert supposed to happen?

Then I thought he was specifically asking not only whether I got dessert but also whether I somehow procured a “Mexican cookie like thing and donut looking something or other.” At that point, I decided he must be high because WTF, dude, that’s just weird. Then I wondered if somebody delivered a Mexican cookie like thing and donut looking something or other to our house and whether that would be good (mmmm dessert?) or bad (sabotage?). Then when he was getting all boisterous about Mexican desserts 🙂 and yum pastries!!!! I realized that I misread his first message and he was saying he got dessert, not asking whether I got dessert. Then it all made sense and I realized how dumb I was but shit, I just ran a bunch and I had that endorphin buzz going on, where you’re all, “Duuuuuude,” and you want to just roll over and go to bed but you have to wash your hands, get your stuff from your locker, leave the gym, walk through the building, start laughing while you’re by yourself and hope nobody notices you, get in your car, drive home, ignore the peeps blowin’ up your phone because you’re totally not going to txt n drive, arrive at home where your child is in a good mood even though it’s toddler witching hour, manage to squeeze in a shower before dinner, stuff yourself with the world’s most incredible fake-meat tacos in the entire world (Ben’s inspiration for these is El Burrito Loco in Joliet, IL) complete with garden tomato and awesome homemade salsa, have a little nibble of the Mexican cookie like thing (delicately sweet with a subtle cinnamon flavor), clean up, hang out with your child and wrestling German dogs, put your child to bed, put some diapers in the wash, sit your ass on the couch and slap up a “Photo Friday” like you usually do on Fridays when you’re way too lazy to write even something this stupid, maybe watch some baseball, and eventually enjoy the Mexican cookie like thing and donut looking something or other. Only after all that can you just roll over and go to bed.

Obviously, right now I’m sitting my ass on the couch and slapping up a “Photo Friday (sort of),” maybe watching some baseball, and looking forward to enjoying the Mexican cookie like thing and donut looking something or other. Mmmmmm donut looking something or others.


*Note: Those smiley faces in my post freak me the hell out, but not enough for me to figure out how to make them go away.

Update: The donut looking something or other was insane mad deliciousness.