Jewelry and Arthur Russell and and and

So you know how I put “make a necklace” on my Memorial Day to-do list and then made a necklace (which for me is kind of groundbreaking because usually I come up with a new hobby, buy some shit, and then never do anything with it)?1 It turned out that necklace was a gateway drug and now, armed with the proper tools and the slight feeling that I kind of know what I’m doing, I can’t be stopped. I spend my days looking for new ideas, buying supplies,2 and making shit or thinking about making shit. For now, I’m following tutorials from the internet but next I’m going to try to jerryrig some kind of fantastic quasi J Crew seahorse knockoff, in yellow instead of orange because this is the summer of yellow.3

None of this is interesting until I have a finished product to show you, and even then it’s probably not interesting. Nonetheless, I’ll tell you that tonight, I made a little pair of earrings and then strung 100,000 of the world’s tiniest seed beads4 onto some wire. That looks like this.

latest projectI’m going to do that approximately 800 more times with beads of similar and different colors, and I hope the end result will be something I wear at least twice.

In other news, do you know about Arthur Russell (more here)? Holy shit. If you don’t mind, please hit play on the YouTube video below (although it’s just a song and not actually a video).

Dude was a hippie who somehow got into disco (which is kind of the reverse of Ben, who’s a house guy turned hippie) — this song is like minimal folk house music. Fucking brilliant. And, he did the original Is It All Over My Face, which, holy shit, listen to that when you’re done here.

1. See, e.g., random beads and findings from the last time I was going to make jewelry and one pathetic little bracelet consisting of beads on string tied to a clasp; that time I bought a white polo, shorts, and Serena Williams tennis shoes and signed up for tennis lessons, which I miserably attended one whole time before remembering that I’m terrible at hitting something with something else, especially when the thing to be hit is moving; the numerous fabric scraps, batting, and still-in-the-box sewing machine in our basement; the cross-stitch kit; how-to-crochet books, yarn, and whatever the hell else you use to crochet I don’t even know; etc.
2. It sucks that I’ve never found a hobby that doesn’t involve spending money. Skipping rocks would be a good one, for example. The good news is that beads are a lot cheaper than straight-up shopping, which was the only addiction hobby other than working out I’ve had in recent memory and I’ve been trying to kick for ages.
3. As someone with yellow-undertoned skin, I try to limit my yellow wearing to, for example, bright yellow shorts. Never shirts. I hope a necklace doesn’t make me look like I need bili lights.
4. Because I don’t really know what I’m doing, I accidentally bought, like, tiny little miniature seed beads instead of the normal ones.
5. This is a note at the end of the notes that tells you I’m really not going to talk about making jewelry all the time.