Tag Team DJs

When it’s nice out, Ben and I like to spend Saturday evenings tag team DJing in the back yard. This is especially fun when your neighbors (that time you Shazamed them they were playing Michael Buble, which WTF is that) pretty much always have music going in the evening. Here’s how you do it.


  • two laptops with iTunes or whatever program you use to play music
  • some sort of wireless or wired connection from the laptops to speakers that can get pretty loud
  • fucking awesome music
  • alcohol


One person plays a song. Then the other person plays a song. You can either vibe off what the other person plays or symbolically tell the other person to fuck off by playing stuff that totally doesn’t go with what he or she is playing. Repeat for as long as it’s fun, which should be a while as long as one of the DJs isn’t an actual DJ who wants to give you a lesson in fading out and/or blending all night.

Protip: Always, always play 6’7′ by Lil Wayne.

We’re available, for a reasonable fee, to do this at your party, wedding, or other event if you’re interested.