Soren made a necklace.

Today we went to a thing where there were children and various food items and activities for said children to enjoy. Soren’s favorite thing, by far, was popsicles. His second favorite thing was the arts and crafts table, where you could make a bookmark or something with beads, like a bracelet or a key chain or, if you’re super advanced and awesome (just kidding) a necklace.

So Soren wanted to make a necklace. So I cut him some string and tied it onto a little hook and he sat at that table longer than any other kid sat at that table. Kids came, made little key chains, got bored, and left, and Soren sat there and put beads on a string and said “No!” when I asked him if he was done until finally, when Ben and I were about to melt (it was super hot today), he finished and picked out a green thing to form a makeshift clasp for the necklace, which I tied to the end of the string. This is the result.

Soren made a necklace

I’m impressed by this entire production, but I’m especially impressed by the addition of the yellow, orange, and red accent beads that provide an unexpected sense of excitement to an otherwise typical bead necklace. I’m totally serious. I can’t get enough of this. I was, like, honored when he let me wear it.

I’m relieved to be over the stress of having a newborn, where you’re (if you’re like me) inclined to worry about every little thing. Is he making eye contact, is he smiling, is he normal — whatever that is, is he developing at an appropriate or better yet advanced pace, blah blah blah. But I still read into things sometimes. As he sat there with a handful of beads, putting one after another onto a string, I thought about how maybe he didn’t get my ADHD. I mean, ADHD isn’t a terrible thing to have, but if at all possible I’d rather he not have it because you’d always rather your child be a clean slate of perfection with no inherent obstacles, flaws, or issues. If he can sit and complete a relatively tedious task like making a necklace, maybe he doesn’t have it. Or maybe he has ADHD and has discovered its friend, hyperfocus. Or maybe he just sees mommy making necklaces all the time and thinks it’s really awesome. Who knows. It’s too early to tell and it’s not really something I need to worry about. Not that there are things I need to worry about. I need to worry less in general because it’s such a stupid waste of time. You spend all this time worrying and all that worry never changes anything that’s going to happen, so just not bothering is the best course of action.