New Tattoo Idea

I’ve been wanting a new tattoo forever. (I have two and they’re both pretty old — 10+ years.) The new tattoo must be (in contrast to my old tattoos) colorful and exceptionally beautiful.

As you may know, I’ve never been a big fan of Pinterest. It’s kind of like Facebook in that I’ve never wanted to spend much time there — I usually just pop in, see what’s up, and leave, thereby missing lots of stuff but oh man I’m kind of overwhelmed. The only time I’ve found Pinterest useful is when I’m planning a specific thing, like a birthday party or camping trip, and I want an easy way to keep track of the random shit I find all over the internet that I can access from multiple computers.

While planning our camping trip, I put the Pinterest app back on my iPhone. The other day, I checked out the “Explore” feature and ended up on tattoos. And holy hell I now understand the point of Pinterest — I think it’s the best place in the world to find colorful and exceptionally beautiful tattoos without ending up on totally creepy websites.

Here’s the tattoo I can’t stop thinking about. From what I can tell, it was done by Thea Duskin at Ghost Print Gallery in Richmond, VA. It just might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

I want something much, much smaller than this, but with the same general feel. The flowers will symbolize my (adult) family, including animals (so birthstone colors; unless I don’t know when someone was born, in which case it’ll be the birthstone of the month we adopted/found/liberated said animal; unless I don’t remember any dates except the date an animal died, which is not the date I want to remember, in which case it’ll be purple because nobody else has purple and I’d really like that to be in there). And maybe a bumblebee. It’ll go on my left arm. Eventually.

(My tattoo board is here, if you’re into that sort of thing.)