Bachelorette-Inspired Necklace

My necklace-making obsession has died down a bit, which is good because I was spending too much money buying beads and shit. But once in a while, inspiration strikes. While watching The Bachelorette (I know), like 90% of women who watched The Bachelorette, I often fell in love something Emily Maynard was wearing. Although I found her pretty boring overall, she had a killer upscale quasi-hippie thing going on, which is totally my jam, as they say. (Do they?)

One day she wore some awesome necklaces, like so.


Google revealed that these necklaces were made by The Woods, which is a little jewelry outfit in Aspen. And yes, as you might imagine, a little jewelry outfit in Aspen makes some expensive-ass stuff. For example, the long necklace pictured above is made of fossilized ivory and diamonds and sells for $5,000. WTF.

So I figured I’d make something inspired by that awesome $5,000 necklace. Months later, I finally did. And here’s what it looks like.

DIY necklace

It’s not as fancy, but I’m not as fancy as Emily Maynard, so it all balances out, I think. The skull has nothing to do with the original, but in the town of Tracylandia, we put a skull on everything.

I got the small pave beads from Lima Beads, the wooden beads and clasp from Fusion Beads, and the large rhinestone beads and the skull from Etsy (Etsy is a great place to get beads you can’t find anywhere else).