Anti-Standard-Time Lights

anti-standard-time-lightsanti-standard-time lights

I like daylight saving time a lot and hate standard time. I know there’s the same amount of daylight either way, but I like my daylight in the evening, when I can enjoy it. As much as I try, I’m completely incapable of giving a rat’s ass whether it’s light or dark when I wake up (and if I had it my way, I’d never wake up when it’s still dark out). I’m a night person. Morning is lovely for what it is, but it’s just not my thing.

A couple years ago I realized that the only good thing about standard time is that it gives you more opportunity to enjoy lights, especially holiday lights. I love holiday lights. I love them so much I’d put them up the day we turn the clocks back, but Ben would never stand for it. So I fight the battle as best I can, with what I refer to as anti-standard-time lights. Ben calls them my anniversary present, which also works. (Holiday lights = my birthday lights.)

If you don’t like the darkness, do what you can to create a little light.