Chicken Social Hour

Every evening, we exile the dogs to the back of the house and bring the chickens into Soren’s room for Chicken Social Hour. We use Soren’s room because it has a door that closes (to keep the cats out) and wood floors (because chickens poop a lot and Chicken Social Hour is always followed by Dedicated Mopping Time).

Sometimes we worry that the girls get bored hanging out in their brooder (I’ll give you the details on our brooder soon) all the time. We also want them to be socialized and to enjoy hanging out with us, so we take this time to try to show them that hanging out with us is awesome and fun. I think we succeed most of the time. As I learned in chicken class, some (but not all) chickens enjoy being held. I’d say 2/3 of ours are into it. Josephine (the Red Star) is my BFF and loves to sit on my hand while I pet her and even sometimes dozes off for a second. Margarita (the Barred Rock) seems to enjoy this, too. Gertrude (the Delaware) will tolerate the holding and petting for a little but mostly wants to walk around and talk shit.

Honestly, it’s super fun for me to hang out with the chickens. Something about chickens is incredibly peaceful and relaxing. They’re just — I don’t know — really nice little animals. Well, birds, but you know what I mean. They wander around the room together, exploring and pecking, talking to each other — doing chicken things. They seem pretty attached to each other. They’re always in a little group and seem to get stressed out if they can’t see each other. Gertrude, especially. If you have her separated from the other chicks, even for a few seconds, she gets all squawky, like hey, where my girls at?!

We have about four or five more weeks until the ladies will move outside to their coop (which we still have to build). It’ll be great to have them situated out there, but I’m going to miss hanging out with them in the house.

chicken social hour


chicken social hour


chicken social hour

blurry Josephine