Lemon Lavender Water


I haven’t been doing very well with that whole “make your own vitamin water” thing I thought was the greatest idea ever last year. I’m trying to be better because when the only things you ever really drink are coffee, water, and beer, you tend to get really bored on the days you don’t drink beer. (The good news is that beer-free days almost always involve ice cream. My latest ice cream love is butterscotch (either salted or regular — I prefer salted and Ben prefers regular and Soren prefers “hopscotch ice cream” of any persuasion he can find). I could probably post a recipe for this soon although it’s not perfect because I insist on making butterscotch ice cream without doing that whole egg/custard thing because I’m kind of lazy and don’t want to prepare a custard in addition to making butterscotch. My version is good but it’s not the creamiest ice cream in the world, which is probably why people do the whole egg/custard thing when making butterscotch ice cream.)

Today I made lemon lavender water and it’s really good. Slice a lemon and put it in a mason jar. Sprinkle in some lavender. Fill jar with water, cover, shake, and store in the fridge for a while. Try to keep lavender in mason jar when you pour some into a glass with ice to drink. You can even refill the jar after the first couple glasses.

This is kind of a duh thing, but I figured I’d mention it because I always forget about these things and maybe you do, too. Stay hydrated, my friends.