Slow Gardens

This has nothing to do with this post, but today a really old friend texted me a picture of my old neighborhood (Andersonville) and asked if I ever miss Chicago. Sometimes I do.

So, our garden. It’s really behind schedule, if gardens have schedules (maybe they do and I’m just not a good enough gardening person, which I think is referred to as a gardener). It was so cold for so long we had so many tiny little plants trying to hang in there under our little grow light because we couldn’t transplant them outside. We still don’t have any cucumbers. We’ve had some zucchini (not enough to be annoying yet but honestly I’m looking forward to the challenge this year) and just now have started getting tomatoes. Check out these guys!

Howdy, y'all!

Most of them are from our front yard. I randomly planted some stuff up there when we ran out of room in the back yard, and it turns out to be better for growing most stuff (I think jalapenos and the like prefer the back yard where they get more sun). We’re going to put a big bed up there next year (I’d say “raised bed” to be all trendy but honestly we don’t really raise our beds because that just uses more material) to grow even more produce. One thing Ben and I finally realized that has gone a long way toward making us happier in life is this: We don’t give a shit what our yard looks like; we just want it to produce a lot of food. That doesn’t mean we want it to be a dump or anything. We try to stay on top of weeding and picking up the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos bags that land in our yard. It’s just that we’d rather plant tomatoes than flowers. Next year, our hanging basket in the front yard will contain strawberries rather than petunias. That sort of thing.