I Get To

Sometimes there are days in a woman’s month where she’s not feeling all that awesome. Recently, I figured out something that helps even on these days.

Instead of starting sentences with “I have to,” start them with “I get to.” So instead of saying, “I have to go to work today,” you say, “I get to go to work today.” It’s not I have to water the garden — it’s I get to water the garden. I get to run today. I get to peel a pear because my kid won’t eat pear skin for some mysterious reason. This changes my whole way of thinking about stuff. It doesn’t stop at “I get to” — it builds from there and grows to a feeling of being grateful and fortunate that I have a garden to be watering and that I’m capable of running those miles and that I have an awesome kid who eats pears.

(Of course, don’t use this for things that suck. For some things, like root canals or colonoscopy, “have to” is the appropriate attitude. Let’s not get crazy.)

On days when you don’t feel all that awesome, it’s especially nice to cultivate gratitude.