Happy 10 years, Colorado!


Yesterday, Ben and I celebrated 10 years of living in Colorado by going out for a beer (Soren came with even though he has not lived in Colorado — or anywhere — for 10 years). That’s how we celebrate in Colorado, and there just happened to be a new brewery in the neighborhood. We were very excited about said brewery because they have not just one but several IPA varieties. Epic is, as you might have guessed, epic. (Also don’t forget my list of Denver breweries, which is regularly updated and has all kinds of good new stuff on it.)

I still remember the first time we went for a little hike in Boulder, right after we moved to Nederland. We were the only people there without a dog. Everyone was all, “Hey, where’s your dog.” Now we have 100 dogs and all the other things that go with living in Colorado, like a Subaru, some lip balm, a North Face jacket, some obscure IPA, a container of green chili in the freezer, and a bottle of water you take everywhere you go. And maybe a bikini top, sequined hotpants, and gigantic boots with faux fur trim that we’re going to wear on January 1 when we go buy legal recreational marijuana for the first time in our lives.

Colorado is awesome.