Leek & Veggie Bacon Pizza


You guys this pizza.

Leeks are one of those vegetables I’d probably never buy at the store, but when they started appearing in our produce delivery bin I was all, okay, let’s get some leeks. All I ever do with them is make leek pie, which is very good but after a while I thought hey, what if instead of leek pie, we had leek pizza? It would just be a matter of substituting pizza crust for pie crust, leaving out the eggs (which is bad because our chickens keep laying eggs at a much faster rate than we’ve been eating them), making a few other adjustments, and maybe adding vegetarian bacon.

So here’s what we did: garden-variety pizza crust (Ben made it), olive oil and lots of garlic brushed onto the crust, leeks (chopped and cooked in butter until soft), Swiss, gruyere, and vegetarian bacon (we used Upton’s Naturals bacon seitan, which you can get at Whole Foods or Nooch).

So good.