Red Curry

I almost like having a cold

I almost like getting a cold for two reasons: (1) it offers a possible explanation of why that last run was so terrible; and (2) Ben always agrees to pick up Thai food when I’m sick. (Ben doesn’t particularly like Thai (or Chinese, while we’re at it) food, which is super weird and the only way in which we are not food soul mates — oh wait, that and pineapple on pizza, ew.)

As soon as a sore throat materializes, all I want is spicy red curry, usually from Tommy’s. (I get hot, not Thai hot, although I would like to try Thai hot one day just to see if I could handle it.) I like it hot enough that it kind of hurts and my nose runs and my eyes water.

I think I could remedy my Thai food deficit if I could learn how to make it myself. The problem is past recipes have always been disappointing. Last week, I made red curry (using this recipe, but with broccoli and bamboo shoots instead of shallots and snap peas) and it was okay but nothing like the red curry you get from a restaurant. It was too brothy and not thick enough, and pretty disappointing flavor-wise even though I used some super-fancy organic curry powder that I made into paste myself. I’ve also made pad Thai from a Pinterest recipe that was okay at first but then way too dry even after doubling the sauce. So I have a lot of work to do. I wish I could shadow a Thai chef for a few hours or something. That would be awesome.

Okay, here’s a resolution, or maybe it would be better to call it a project: In 2014, I will learn to make decent (1) red curry and (2) drunken noodles.

Update: Duh! I’ve been operating under the assumption that red curry is the same thing as panang curry, but it isn’t. Panang curry is what I should be trying to make, not red curry. The more you know!