Soviet Space Dogs & Garden Planning


M.A. Peers’s painting of Soviet space dog Laika, at the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

That’s pretty much what has been taking up all of my spare mental energy lately. I’ve been reading everything I can find about Soviet space dogs (I’d provide links but there are thousands and you’re better off to google it and fall down the rabbit hole on your own; warning: it might make you cry but I did find a children’s book where Laika has a happy ending and I immediately ordered it for Soren.) and sporadically working on planning our vegetable (and fruit!) garden for this year. We’re going to have:

  • Surrey arugula
  • astro arugula
  • black turtle beans
  • provider bush beans
  • Batavia broccoli
  • nautic brussels sprouts
  • Napoli carrots
  • atomic red carrots
  • pink passion chard
  • impala cabbage
  • Fisher’s earliest sweet corn
  • saber cucumbers
  • little leaf cucumbers
  • Shanghai green pac choy
  • red Russian kale
  • magenta lettuce
  • gourmet lettuce mix
  • Mirlow lettuce
  • High Mowing mesclun mix
  • yellow Cippolini onions
  • alto leeks
  • king crimson peppers
  • early jalapeno peppers
  • Hungarian hot wax peppers
  • jack straw pumpkins
  • regiment spinach
  • renegade spinach
  • desert zucchini
  • sweetie tomatoes
  • yellow pear tomatoes
  • Cherokee purple tomatoes
  • Rutgers tomatoes
  • toma verde tomatillos
  • Genovese basil
  • lettuce leaf basil
  • oregano
  • catnip
  • crackerjack marigolds
  • mammoth sunflowers
  • snap peas
  • buttercup squash
  • chives
  • sage
  • white Dutch clover (as ground cover)

Plus I’m going to add some raspberry bushes, strawberries, maybe blueberries, and a dwarf orange and/or lemon tree (that we’ll have to bring indoors for the winter). What. This is going to be a busy spring and summer and I hope we have enough room for everything.