Yard & Garden Updates

Since we’ve lived in this house, we’ve done the following two or three times: Go to Target, buy four of the cheapest outdoor chairs we can find that aren’t hideous, use them in our yard until the intense Colorado sun destroys them, throw them out when they become unusable because they are exceptionally unlikely to be repurposed into anything else.

This year, we figured we should try something different. We were tired of buying new chairs every few years and it’s not good for the environment to buy relatively disposable shit like that. (Plus the last ones we bought were kind of retro cute and colorful but they were wobbly and that’s not a good idea when there might on occasion be small children and/or drunk people around.)

The new chairs had to be metal because that’s probably the only thing that can stand up to the sun. They had to go with our retro patio table and umbrella. I’m sure you’re already picturing the chairs we got.


We scored four of them in pristine condition with a matching metal and glass table (temporarily in the greenhouse) and cushions (which are kind of ugly but we’ll be loving in the summer when they act as oven mitts for our butts when we sit on these hot chairs) on Craigslist for $200. That’s way more than we usually spend, but these should last forever and they’re my favorite style of outdoor chairs ever. So cute! And nobody will wipe out on them. (Although we do have another chair that’s like these but a rocker and Ben totally wiped out on it the first night we had it.)

As for the garden, I planted two kinds of lettuce (freckles and something called “gourmet mix), arugula, and spinach in containers, which are on a shelf in the greenhouse. I could probably plant all the stuff in the ground at this point, but we’re planning to buy some additional soil for our garden beds and haven’t prepped the soil or gotten any mulch yet. So it’s greens in containers for now and in the ground later.

(If you’re wondering about this, everything we do in the garden is organic and natural. We don’t use any chemicals and haven’t (so far) even used fertilizer. I’m interested in fertilizer, but I was reading about natural, organic fertilizer the other day and so much of it is gross and not vegetarian — fish emulsion! — so I probably won’t bother. We use our own compost and this year we’ll be mulching with cardboard, straw, and living mulch (clover).)

containers for now

I also started a bunch more seeds: bok choy, broccoli, brussel sprouts, marigolds, peas, peppers (jalapeno, Hungarian hot wax, King Crimson sweet bell), sage, tomatillos, tomatoes (Rutgers, Cherokee purple, yellow pear, sweetie cherry). I got most of the seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds and some from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. (This year, I’m going to try saving seeds for the first time. I spend a shitton of money on seeds.)

Starting seeds

The other cool thing is that on Monday, it was warm enough for me to lift weights outside. I don’t even run outside, but I love lifting weights outside and it’s one of the great benefits of working out at home. This was my view from the bench.

My view while working out today