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Playlist: Fall 2014 — Those Peanut Butter Vibes

Hello, friends. (I don’t know why I’ve been saying that a lot lately. I particularly enjoy walking into a room and saying, “Hello, friend” to a cat.) I have been working on this playlist for a long time. In fact, it was originally called “Summer 2014 — Those Peanut Butter Vibes.” The good news is that peanut butter vibes are delicious any time of year.

There’s a lot of new stuff on here, and not too many of those songs I seem to include on just about every playlist I ever make. I’ve been trying to branch out! And branching out has been fun! You’ll notice there’s a lot of Glass Animals. They’re probably the best band in the world right now. We saw them live at Larimer Lounge last night and they were fantastic. Best show I’ve seen in a long time, which isn’t saying much because I haven’t been to all that many shows, but really they were very, very good live. The sound was tight and you could tell they were really into what they were doing. Plus the crowd was super into it, the way the crowd can only be into a show of a newish band at a small venue. Do you know what I mean?

This is a tangent, but hang on for a second. I’ve realized that the biggest musical disconnect I have with (and I hate to use the phrase “people my age,” but) people my age is that I don’t want to listen to music I listened to when I was in high school or college. I don’t even want to listen to music I listened to when I was in my 20s. There are always exceptions, of course — even I throw in the occasional Jesus and Mary Chain track. But the point is I don’t like old music, and I don’t even particularly like music performed by old people. And to me in terms of music, you’re old at a much younger age than you’re old in real life. It’s like sports. Ben has a theory that bands have a 2-year window: you’re good for 2 years and then you should quit and do something else. I’d probably be slightly more generous and say maybe there’s a 4-year window (e.g., MGMT probably should’ve called it quits after Congratulations). In any event, maybe “old” means band age, not person age.

And that’s the problem I had with Riot Fest. It was a lot of old people playing old music. People my age ate it up and tweeted about it every second for days. I smoked some weed and listened to alt-J at home, which kind of disproves my theory because they’ve been around since 2007. But you get what I’m saying, maybe.

And I know it’s not right to hate the Cubs because of Cubs fans or to hate Jesus because of freakshow Christians, but old bands can have annoying fans. You have the old guy at the show talking about how he’s been listening to the Flaming Lips or whoever for years and he’s so cool and legit and hip and you could just die of boredom. When you have a new band playing at a small venue where you have to squeeze onto a tiny sticky floor while you feel each individual bead of sweat roll down your back and ration your beer because you can’t lose your spot to get another one and it’s the only liquid you’ll have to consume and you’re thirsty from the grueling workout of loving this band so hard your heart feels exhausted by the end, there’s no cool factor. There’s no I knew them when. There’s no live tweeting. There’s no giving a shit about anything other than being there for the music, and you know all the words and so does everybody else. And that’s what I’m into.

Long story short, if you can see Glass Animals live, please do, and if you can get there early enough to catch opening act Rome Fortune, do that, too. And for a limited time you can get the whole playlist and a pdf of the track list here. It is important to put the songs in the correct order (I tried numbering them but it didn’t seem to carry over when I tested the download). If you want to see what you’re in for before downloading, here you go:

Fall 2014 — Those Peanut Butter Vibes

Away Frm U – Oberhofer
Cool Song No. 2 – MGMT
Firework – New God
Sowing Seeds – The Jesus and Mary Chain
Mind Mischief – Tame Impala
Black History Month – Death From Above 1979
Miracle Mile – Cold War Kids
Every Other Freckle – alt-J
West Coast – Mainland
Do You – Spoon
Penelope – Pinback
Ben’s My Friend – Sun Kil Moon
40 Day Dream – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
How Can You Really – Foxygen
Fire It Up – Modest Mouse
Gooey – Glass Animals
1998 – Chet Faker
Cruel Intentions (Single Version) – Simian Mobile Disco
Fiona Coyne – Saint Pepsi
Les Voiles – POOM
Chandelier (Plastic Plates Remix) – Sia
New Dorp New York (feat. Ezra Koenig) (Belarbi Remix) – SBTRKT
Losing My Edge – LCD Soundsystem
Amateur – The Eyes in the Heat
Jamaica (Plastic Plates Remix) – Van She
Even If I’m Loud it Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking to You – Tove Styrke
Sick Beat – Kero Kero Bonito
High Pressure Days (Todd Terje Remix) – The Units
#1 in Heaven – MDNR
What Else is There (Trentemoller Remix) – Royksopp
Hold On – The Chain Gang of 1974
Drone Logic – Daniel Avery
Boy From School – Hot Chip
Pools – Glass Animals
No Diggity – Chet Faker
Love Lockdown – Glass Animals
(You to Be) Be Happy – R Kelly feat. Notorious BIG