Farm Fantasy

I haven’t even told you where we moved in Denver (I have to build a little suspense!) but I should admit I’ve already been thinking about moving again. It’s not that I enjoy moving (I don’t, and would like to never do it again) but. . . .

I have this dream of moving out to the country and living off the land. Especially when I’m bored at work1 I like to search real estate listings in small Colorado towns. Would it be possible for us to buy a place with some land and have low enough expenses that we wouldn’t have to work traditional jobs?2 Instead of going to the office, we’d be tending chickens3 and growing almost all of our produce.4 I’d can stuff for winter. Maybe we’d even homeschool! Of course we’d have solar power and as many other environmentally friendly features as possible.

I mean, I’ve always been a city person. But there’s a part of me that wants to just go hard-core rural hippie.

Today’s featured farm is in Paonia and you can see it here.5 I don’t love the house (low ceilings!!) (this one is much better), but it’s on 35 acres near town (I google mapped and it’s just 1.4 miles to the local brewery) and it’s an operational lavender farm. How cool is that?! So we could live off the land and sell lavender and lavender-related products. Of course we’d have to have bees with all the lavender. Oh, and you know what else? Hemp. You can grow hemp in Colorado now and the market for hemp is fantastic. We wouldn’t be rolling in money or anything, but we might be able to get by. Maybe we could rent out the guest house in exchange for a reasonable fee or help with the crops.

I’ve been looking at the Western Slope because it’s good for farming. And if you’re going to live in a small town, Paonia sounds just about perfect. I’ve never been there but from all the photos of local events it appears to be inhabited by hippies, so we’d fit right in. It’s also home to High Country News, which is super cool. It’s farther from Denver than I’d want to be, but man, it sounds awesome.

Fortunately, when I start thinking about crazy stuff like saying fuck it all and moving to a farm, Ben is the voice of reason. That said, the voice of reason started by saying, “um, no” but now says “maybe in a couple years.”

1. I’m approaching my 10-year anniversary at my job and frankly I’m kind of over it. I’ve been dreaming of various exit strategies to try to figure out what might be possible that doesn’t involve working for someone else. Don’t worry! These strategies don’t involve monetizing the blog.
2. We have rental income! I have to tell you about this soon.
3. I owe you a chicken update, too! We moved the coop from our old house to our new house but I haven’t shown you yet because it would’ve spoiled the house hunt.
4. I might sign up for a class on how to build a greenhouse to grow produce year-round even in the mountains.
5. “Today’s featured farm” leaves open the possibility that there will be more in the future.