An Administrative Note


I’ve been wanting to get back to updating here regularly and frequently but I’ve been feeling kind of blocked. I think it’s because there are so many things that have happened since I updated here regularly and frequently and I’ve been feeling like I have to catch you up on everything but when it comes to catching you up on stuff that happened a while ago, well, I just find it boring. For example, at the time, it was interesting and oddly emotional when I traded my father’s Chevy Tahoe for a Nissan Leaf but that was December and there are so many things like the car that the time lag ruins from a writing perspective so I’m going to let all those things go and not get caught up. I’d rather tell you about what I’m doing now, if that’s cool.

I’ve also decided that blogs without photos of the blogger and her family are boring and I’ve noticed that when I don’t share photos I don’t take photos and I really like taking photos, so I’m going to post photos here again.

So welcome to the new aniccata. I guess that’s the cool thing about having a blog named for impermanence — you’re really just fulfilling your destiny when you try to start fresh.

Spoiler alert: We bought the orange house!