Meet Hannah!


This is Beatrice Hannah. She was originally named Beatrice, but we kept calling her Hannah because she reminds us of our former neighbor, who is super cool and has a similar mohawk.

She’s a brabanter, which is a somewhat rare breed of chicken. We were lucky to find her (we got her at Wardle Feed) because she is the cutest, nicest chicken I’ve ever met. She really likes people and even “talks” to us. (Brabanters get great reviews on!)

Sylvia is the blurry chicken in the background. She’s a red star (also referred to as red sex link, the “sex link” part meaning you can tell the boys from the girls as soon as they hatch, which is great if you don’t want the risk of roosters). We already have another red star (Josephine), who’s super nice and a great layer of gigantic brown eggs. I didn’t mean to get a duplicate chicken, but the feed store had her labeled as “gold star” and it didn’t occur to me that red stars and gold stars are apparently the same thing. It’s cool, though, because they’re both great, and if you’re going to have two of anything, red/gold stars are the best ones to have.