City Plus: The Good Son

As you may recall, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of moving to the country and living in some kind of farm-like situation. I mean seriously, I’d like to move to this house right now. If there is a house in the world that is more perfect for us I can’t imagine it. But I know a number of things, a few of which are: this isn’t a good time for us to move, we don’t have jobs on the Western Slope, if all the hail this year has taught me anything it’s that I’m not ready to try to live off the land because nature can be cruel especially to young vegetable plants, it would be hard to manage rental properties from so far away and we don’t want to hire and pay someone to do it for us, and we actually do live in a really cool house and we’ve only been here for a year and let’s not be silly.

So instead of spending all my time thinking about how glorious it would be to live in the country and how I’d, like, wear an apron and make my own candles or whatever, I’ve decided that I should think about how awesome Denver is (it is really awesome) and all the cool things we can do here that we couldn’t do in the country.

So my first City Plus is The Good Son. This is a pizza place/taphouse on the corner of Colfax and Elizabeth. They have things other than pizza and beer, but I can’t imagine caring about things other than pizza and beer when there’s pizza and beer. It’s Detroit-style pizza, which I’ve never had. In relevant part, Detroit-style pizza is greasy and has no defined crust around the edges, so the cheese goes all the way to the end and gets crispy and brown and OMG if there’s anything better in life than crispy pizza edge cheese it’s . . . Grapefruit Sculpin, which they have on tap. The beer list is fantastic, as is the patio. We got The Cheese Royale and The Spartan (Why have we not been putting spinach artichoke dip on pizza?!) and both were so good. Not the normal kind of pizza I’m into, but so delicious. It’s super greasy, which I don’t mind, and would be a good base for a night of drinking, if you’re into that sort of thing.

We went there this evening after Soren had golf, which is another thing we wouldn’t have in the country. It was super great.


Here’s one thing I won’t miss about Soren going to “school.” (It’s really “summer camp” right now; they’re always doing stuff like going to the splash park or to the pool or whatever). When he gets home, he’s starving. He’ll eat one snack. Then he’ll eat another snack. Then one more snack. By the time we have dinner Soren has had 12 dinners. When we’re homeschooling, I’m going to try to provide enough food throughout the day so this doesn’t happen, but who knows if that’s even possible with a growing boy. So after school and then golf, and with a 20+ minute wait for pizza (We should’ve ordered an appetizer.) he was, as you might guess, starving and, like, melting into his chair with sheer hunger. The coloring page they gave him entertained him for a few minutes, but as soon as he finished that it was back to whining about when is our food coming and I’m sooooooo hungry, so Ben suggested that he turn the page over and draw some food. So that helped. And then we had delicious greasy pizza.