The books are here!!


I wasn’t expecting them until Friday, but our profile books arrived today!

Seeing them in person is kind of . . . intense. I’m doing what I do and second guessing this and that. Is it okay that they’re smaller than the profile books we’ve seen? Are they too simple, design-wise (We strictly obey the “only two fonts and one of them is Helvetica” rule.)? Not cutesy enough? Are the plus signs with our names terrible? I wasn’t trying to be plus-signy but I didn’t like the look of a serial comma, which I use religiously (seemed too stuffy), or an ampersand of course without a serial comma (seemed inconsistent) on the cover. Should I have upgraded to even fancier paper? Are the books too this or too that? Wait, are my eyes too squinty in that picture?! Every decision had the potential to take forever to make, so eventually you just have to trust your gut.

And anyway the real question is: Do these books show what it’s like to be a part of our family? And I think they do. I mean, there are two pages of animals. I have to trust that we can release these into the wild and eventually a woman (and I hope a man, too, because we’d love it if the birthfather is involved and we can get to know him) will look at a copy and think yes, this is the family I want for my baby. And that’ll be the coolest thing to ever happen.

After I drop these off at our agency next week, we’ll officially begin patiently waiting for a match!

And now that I’m done with the book I can get back into the homeschool preparation zone! Soren and I are stoked about that!