Daily Archives: 01/05/2016

Welcome to 2016!

Remember how I quit my job? My last day was a Wednesday. The following Monday, Soren and I were at homeschool day at the botanic gardens when I got a call saying basically “Hey, will you come back please sure you can work from home full time.” I spent the next three months working full time for a terrifically understaffed department while also homeschooling a kindergartner for the first time, which was way too much work. Then we adopted a baby (yay!!) and I quit my job again.

Here’s what I look like after 20 hours in the car with Ben, Soren, and two bored dogs; a crazy terrifying awesome day and night; and with our new son. His name is Orion and we are smitten.


I plan to get back to writing here, even if I start small by just telling you what we’re up to on a given day. I miss this!