June is Tame Impala Awareness Month

Tame Impala

Ben and I had some variation of this conversation approximately 800 times last week:

Everyone: What are you guys doing this weekend?

Me/Ben: Going to a show!

Everyone: Oh cool. Who are you seeing?

M/B: Tame Impala!

Everyone: Who?? Hm, where at?

M/B: The Ogden.

Everyone: Oh! I love the Ogden!

Tame Impala Tame Impala


Frankly, the fact that so many people haven’t heard of Tame Impala is an American tragedy. The fact that everyone loves the Ogden has nothing to do with this post but seemed worthy of mention. The sound there is pretty great and if you’re of at least average height you can probably see the stage from most places, but goddamn they should try to make it less oveny in there.

Back to the point, here, try this:

If you like that, you should at a minimum download Lonerism now. Especially if there’s a little hole in your heart where MGMT used to be before they put out that last crappy album. (See also Foxygen, another band worth checking out if you’re into this kind of thing.)

I already posted this one but it’s good enough to share again (from their new album, out next month):

Also Kevin Parker is really cool.